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We are delighted to have Havant Borough Council, Fasset Business and Property Solutions, Horizon Leisure, Addison Law Solicitors and  Hayling Golf Club as sponsors of our association.

Havant Borough Council have been involved with us for over 30 years and it is through their good offices that we have able to giove grants and hold our annual awards ceremony.

Business and Property Solutions began their association with us this year and as a result we were able to fund the 2013 awards ceremony.  Fasset Press Relaese


Hayling Golf Club were able to help us with the production of the programs for the awards ceremony and we hope will continue to do so.

Recently Horizon Leisure have become one of larger sponsors and we are hopeful their involvement will bring further benefits for our associate members.

We are delighted to welcome ADDISON LAW Solicitors based in Emsworth as one of our sponsors. They have been based in Emsworth for a number of years and know the area well